Caravan Tyres

With a huge range of caravan tyres available - and the real benefit of fully mobile fitting for caravan tyres, each year Mobile-Fit change countless caravan tyres at our customers" properties and at storage areas.

We are familiar, equipped and trained with all the necessary tools and experience to remove and replace tyron bands.

So what's the problem?

Regardless of its use or mileage, tyres have a lifespan. Even a tyre never driven on will deteriorate over time. Natural aging of the composite materials that form tyres occur from day one. It is widely recommended that caravan tyres should be replaced at 5 years old.

Here's what The Caravan Club have to say:

"It should go without saying that tyres which are damaged or worn to the legal minimum tread depth must be replaced immediately. However, tyres which are visually OK, and which have seen little or even no use are also recommended to be replaced when they reach a few years of age. As a general rule (and following guidance issued by the tyre makers" trade body, the British Tyre Manufacturers" Association, it's advised that caravan tyres should ideally be replaced when 5 years old.

"However, the statistical likelihood of a problem occurring increases noticeably with age. Given the disruption to your holiday that a tyre failure could cause (let alone the risk involved), it's strongly recommended that you follow this guidance. Since tyres deteriorate with age even when not in use (unless kept under very strictly controlled conditions of temperature, humidity, light level etc), it is usually necessary to consider a tyre's age from the date it was made, and not from when it was bought or fitted to the caravan."

Source: The Caravan Club

Checking your Caravans tyres

You can check how old your caravan tyres are yourself, the information you need is found on the sidewall, and denoted by either 3 numbers if manufactured before 2000, or four numbers after 2000. For example:

Where 34 denotes the week of manufacture and 9 represents 1999. This tyre was manufactured in the 34th week of 1999.

Where 16 denotes the week of manufacture and 04 represents 2004, meaning this tyre was made in the 16th week of 2004.

If your tyres are older than 5 years old, you should consider replacing them

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