Terms & Conditions

1. Please Ensure That All Keys For Your Caravan Or Motor Home And Security Devices Are Available At The Time Of Your Booking Including Any Locking Wheel Nuts.

2. Before Work Is Carried Out An Inspection Will Be Made Internally And Externally Noteing Any Damage To Protect Both The Customer And C.K. Caravans Ltd.

3. At The Time Of Your Service Booking Please Ensure That There Is Sufficient Clearance Both On The Interior And Exterior Of Your Caravan. That The Interior Floor Space And Interior Lockers Are Clear To Obtain Access To All Internal Appliances And Fittings. Also That There Is Clearance On The Exterior Of The Caravan To Gain Access To The Overun Device, Wheels And Exterior Lockers. Please Remove Winter Covers If Fitted.

4. Any Additional Chargeable Work Required That Is Found During Repairs Or Servicing Will Be Quoted Before Undertaken And Faulty Parts Will Be Left Inside The Caravan.

5. Upon Completion Of Work Carried Out Payment Should Be Made By Cash, Cheque or Card Unless Prior Arrangement Has Been Agreed. Cheques Should Be Made Payable To C.K. Caravans Ltd.

6. Upon Completion Of Warranty And Insurance Work A Customer Satisfaction Note Is To Be Signed And Any Policy Excess Payment Must Be Made.

7. Any Ordered Parts That Are None Returnable Will Require A None Refundable Deposit.

For Further Details Please Contact C.K. Caravans Ltd.